Hi everyone! Welcome to my 11+ maths tutor website where you can find answers to almost every perplexing 11+ maths questions out there that are literally turning your hair grey! Fret not, although I’m a maths tutor and not a hair or scalp specialist, I can aid you in unravelling those prickly questions for your child so that you can keep calm and let your luxuriant hair down! 😀

Therefore, keep your questions coming and I will post the answers and detailed solutions to them as soon as I can. For your convenience, I will also attach alongside a PDF copy of the question and solution so that you can use it to either challenge your child’s mathematical skills or as a resource for general revision.

Without further ado, here is the first solution to a common question that many students tend to have trouble with. Enjoy!

11plusmathstutor.com_QN01 Click HERE for the PDF copy.


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