Month: April 2016

Ninja Maths Tutor

cropped-ninja_desk.pngWelcome to Ninja Maths Tutor!

We are a private maths tutoring service based in the UK. We specialised mainly in maths, from primary and secondary schools, SATs, entrance exams and up to GCSE and A-levels.

All our tutors go through a rigorous 3-stage recruitment process, are DBS-checked and are fully qualified and highly experienced.

We use the latest technologies that will allow our tutors and students to not only meet online through real time video sharing but will also be able to share real-time documents with one another, making the experience as real as an in-person meeting.

Here are some testimonials from our satisfied clients:

“Thanks to John’s help Ed got an A in Maths when he was getting Bs all along.” – Edward’s Mum

“I will gladly recommend John for online Maths tuition. I was close to desperation when my daughter was still underperforming in class despite the fact that she already had a private Maths tutor. Got recommended by a friend to try John so I fired the current one and got John. Even though I had my doubts regarding online tuition, I was never proven so utterly wrong until Chloe came back home one day and told me she got an A.” – Chloe’s Dad

“John is a very patient, encouraging and fun tutor who has helped me improve my Maths tremendously over the two years I was taught by him. He knew my foundations in Maths were weak and gave me lots of useful tips, taught me important skills and most importantly made me believe I could do Maths. And I did: got a B for my exam at my second attempt and I couldn’t be more grateful to John.” – Sara

Contact us at 07784403488 or email us at for a free trial session where you can explore how online maths tuition works, have a go at it yourself and for you to ask us any questions.


Challenging Proportion question

Now that you have done a simple proportion question, how about a challenging one?

This question requires you to understand how to use both direct and indirect proportion.

Have a go at it and let me know if this is still too easy 🙂


Click HERE for the PDF copy.