Online Tuition

Do you still remember those dreary times when you had to travel all the way to school, sit in classrooms and listen to your teachers drone on and on and on, and you couldn’t pay attention because you had to wake up early and the tedious journey to school had already drained off 50% of your energy?

Well, surprise! All of that is a thing of the past now!

As technology advances, so should education. Online tuition has recently become a popular option for many progressive parents who have come to realise its huge benefits and convenience.

Some of the pros are, to name a few:

  • Convenience: you and your child does not need to travel
  • Comfort: your child can learn from the comfort of his or her home
  • Flexibility: time and day is entirely dependant on mutual preferences
  • Cost: because of the above 3 points, cost can be kept lower than the average market rate for home tuition
  • Interactivity: highly interactive softwares enable your child to communicate with his or her tutor in real time

Below are some examples of how online tuition looks like:

Sample Screen Shot_01


Sample Screen Shot_02

Sample Screen Shot_03

Still unsure? No worries, here are some references from parents:

“Initially I had my doubts regarding online tuition. But John literally changed my mind! My son was learning so much and picking up so quickly, and it helped too that John is a very focused and fun tutor. I didn’t have to worry that my son was surfing Facebook instead, and I must say this online tuition service has been very convenient for both me and my son.” – Caroline

“John is a very dedicated and effective Maths tutor. He’s not only goal-orientated but conducts his lessons in an innovative and fun manner. My daughter Sophie always gets all pepped up when she tells me about some of the riddles and maths quizzes John gives her every lesson. I’m very happy when Sophie got into NLCS due to his help. I would highly recommend John as an online tutor.” – Sam

Still not convinced? Not a problem.

You can contact me for a FREE 30-minute trial session where you can explore how online maths tuition works, have a go at it yourself and for you to ask me any questions.

All you need is a stable Internet connection and Skype and we are good to go!

The fee for online Maths tuition is only £30/hour.


But hurry! I’ve got only a few spaces left! Click HERE to send me an email to book your trial session.




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